Weekend Home

Weekend Home


The design brief was clear to make a weekend home, which is welcoming and relaxing and will be visited in groups hence has to cater to multiple activities at the same time. Since it was a weekend home away from the city, it needed to provided calming experience and be connected to more outdoor spaces.The design process initiated with planning along the trees, leaving two foremost palms as a part of the front open space.

The Mango tree was treated as the retro-fit outdoor seating beneath the tree, retouching the clients age old memories of a their ancestral house. Another Palm being along the indoor jacuzzi, open to sky ensuring its natural growth. The fourth palm was wrapped around by a pergola above the verandah, beautifully framing its verticality. The fifth palm the tallest of all, gave us an opportunity to let it pass through the bar counter in the living room, to the master bedroom and out in the sun and be seen from the master bathroom's skylight.

The Living room extends on two sides simply by sliding the windows, one side to the verandah and other side to the jacuzzi area (open to sky). Natural light was a major design component.