WV at ID24

unplugged - WV at ID24

  • Client:Willow Viiew
  • Location:NSIC Okhla, Delhi
  • Area:30 Sq M
  • Delivery:Design Consultation
  • Design Team:Yashika
    Anu Chauhan
    Prashant Chauhan
  • Photographer:Prashant Chauhan
  • Photoshoot Styling:NA

Unwinding, relaxing, and unplugging were the main inspirations behind this inviting installation. The space was cordoned off with planters and featured a large open box accommodating a hammock, beckoning passersby to come rest while enjoying a live musical performance.

Situated in a 5m x 6m area, this rejuvenating oasis offered respite amid India's largest Luxury Design exhibition, INDIA DESIGN ID 2024. Going beyond a simple sitting area, the engaging space invited all to visit and luxuriate. Visible from the design hall and directly in sight lines, the alluring area pulled visitors in. The oversized box, sturdily constructed from welded mild steel to support 4-5 loungers in the hammock, sat atop a wooden deck platform.