rustic ZEN

rustic ZEN

  • Client:Private Client
  • Location:Nagpur
  • Area:4200
  • Delivery:DESIGN + BUILD
  • Design Team:Prashant + Anu
  • Photographer:Pulkit Sehgal
  • Photoshoot Styling:Salonee Thakre

This 4200 Sq Ft Apartment is a resultant of an amalgamated private floor with two individual apartments. The clients desired a fairly rustic yet elegant home with a careful attention to space saving traits of a Mumbai based design firm.

The Living area, visually an open space comprised of a family living, balcony, dining area, formal living and bar that can be enclosed with a sliding partition as and when required. The guest bedroom, powder toilet and kitchen are connected to this dining space which sorts the space movement and functioning of the home.

The Family Room is the binding glue between the Bar, Balcony, Formal Living and Dining, with its large and plush seating that allows the entire family and extended family to sit together and connect. The formal living is fairly simple with visual connection to the bar area which is a visual delight from its flooring to its ceiling. The flooring is a customised terrazzo with shades of red mosaic chips and the ceiling flaunts and amorphous form with colour changing lights to set the ambiance.

The Kitchen is most definitely the important space for this family which is evident by its size which measures almost one fourth the entire apartment. The special crockery store, Her personal Kitchen and the Utility Kitchen all revolve around the central island counter of this massive kitchen. The arches and rustic hexagonal tiles bring a vintage vibe to the space with a functional modern kitchen.

The other half to this apartment accommodating all bedrooms and study area is connected with the main living area with a corridor that is made playful by adding mirror shutters to the storages and introducing art. The end of this corridor is a visual treat with a carved space for seating along side the balcony which is mainly used as a kitchen garden.

The Master bedroom houses a bed back made of wood slices and a warm wooden flooring connects the personal study as well as an external wardrobe within the bedroom. The Master Bathroom with a dedicated shower and steam flaunts a designer tile which highlights the wall and creates a visual impact. The spacious Walk in Closet is houses peripheral wardrobes and a central island storage for accessories.

The Sons bedroom with a black and white marble flooring strikes out bright complimenting its dull grey painted walls. The live edge wood bed back seems like a peice of art in the muted grey background. The bathroom in all blue subway tiles with a base grey tiles make a mature impression.

The Daughters bedroom on the other hand has a playful platform bed with a lot of floor space opened up for her to explore her artistic self. The room is fairly lit by windows that bring in a lot of daylight. The bathroom is highlighted with tonal subway tiles in blue, grey and pink colour with a base of muted grey tiles.

The Guest bedroom is kept fairly simple with a cane bed and striking botanical wallpaper as the backdrop.

The Study room is experimented in a rustic vibe in continuation of the living room. The book shelves are made of live edge wood and the study desk is a functional desk that moves around to increase flexibility that facilitates this as a home office.