Rejuvenation of Badami

Rejuvenation of Badami

  • Location:Badami, Karnataka
  • Delivery:Competition Project
  • Design Team:Anu Chauhan
    Prashant Chauhan

Badami formerly known as Vatapi, is a town in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, India. It is famous for rock cut and other structural temples of historical significance within the town and its close by areas. The idea was to conserve the entire town as a museum for promote tourism and generate revenue to maintain the same.
The concept of this project was derived by ecological evolution which is conservation, rejuvenation and technology. The existing pedestrian plazas were replicated and heritage walks across the town were started to promote tourism. The streets were designed in such a way where vehicles were restricted so people could walk get the feel of culture. Art streets were created to promote local artisans and handicrafts. Existing adventure sports like rock climbing and camping were also promoted .
The idea was also to create interactive zones in the city like amphitheatres, art streets and shopping streets.
Apart from these activities there were also helium balloon rides across the city.
Renewable sources in the form of solar panels, rain water harvesting and wind energy were to be used to make it sustainable.