Raipur toll gate

Raipur Toll gate

  • Client:Raipur Government
  • Location:Naya Raipur
  • Delivery:Competition Project
  • Design Team:Anu Chauhan
    Prashant Chauhan

Entrance gate of Naya Raipur: The local administrative body held an competition for a gate to the city. The requirements were simple a modern, hassle free gate which represented the city. We proposed the Tree of Tomorrow.
TREE OF TOMORROW is the new icon of the newly developed city of Naya Raipur. In ancient times, tree canopies represented entrance, taking inspiration from this element with a modern twist, we propose a gate for today’s information and digital age. The tree represented the city and its interlinked development, culture, enviro nment and people. Sustainability plays an important role today, thus the gate is made self-sufficient by providing solar panels in the leaves of the tree which not only provides for the gate but also the vicinity.