Private Residence - SG

Private Residence SG

  • Client:Private Client
  • Location:Mumbai
  • Area:2500 SQ.Ft
  • Delivery:Design & Build
  • Design Team:Anu Chauhan
    Prashant Chauhan
  • Photographer:Sebastian Zachariah

Amalgamating the two separate spaces, a unified living space with seating and dining capacity, merges with the balcony once the sliding folding glass partition unfolds to reveal a stunning view of the mumbai runway.

The end-to-end cladded brown mirror alternated with dark wood reflects the external view providing a visual depth to the entire space.

Colour changing LED lights have been utilised in the ceiling which synchronizes with the concealed lights in the furniture generating a unified colour mood-lighting which can be controlled by an ipad.  This motion-sensored lighting applied across the apartment ensure minimal wastage of electricity.

The color palate interestingly brings a cosy experience thru the dark wooden flooring, brown back-painted glass etched with a beautiful motif texture, golden textured wallpaper and a purple back-painted glass in the master bedroom.

 In the daughter's bedroom, the basic white colour  pallate sprinkled with shades of pinks bring a pastel mood to the space. The bathroom with full size white back-painted glass cladded from floor to ceiling brings a brighter and reflective appearance to the space.