Paris Pavilion

Paris Pavilion

  • Location:Paris
  • Area:0.12 Acres
  • Delivery:Competition Project
  • Design Team:Anu Chauhan
    Prashant Chauhan

The design evolved out of symbol infinity. The main spine of the pavilion called the unity platform exhibits the installation of 197 spheres representing each country in alphabetical order. It signifies boundaries are made up lines on the map that divides us into zones and breaks and harmony. Mediating platform is at the utmost height of the spine.

Suspended below the meditation segment of the unity platform is an audio video art installation, done to stimulate emotional fear and surprise. As one passes through the mediation zone, videos, art clips on terrorism and world peace are projected there by various artists. One can lay and watch or can see from the screen further projected down which is on looked by the cafe. One passes through this observation chamber to get to the amphitheatre and the meditation zone.