Humble Hive

Humble Hive


Enter the home and you are welcomed by the beautiful frangipani leaves brushing its freshness to you. The visual barrier with the full height shelves makes the perfect ante-space before you enter the living room. The living area with two simple sofas complimented by a balcony as an outdoor space adds visual space to the confined sitting area. The yellow square painting with the shelves make a bold statement in the space.

The dining zone being a part of the living room stands apart with a backdrop of paneled surface with concealed door leaving no clue of an opening further into the home. The impressive full height doors make way to the bedrooms from this dining wall.

The master bedroom has been treated with utmost simplicity. The black and white photograph makes a lasting impression with the brown wall.

The teenage daughters bedroom on the other hand has been a splash of vibrance into the space with teal blue and white tinted pine wood. The bed back with a customised wallpaper of a city map well complimented with 'wanderlust' 3D text makes an impactful visual. The selfie mirror in the this bedroom reflects an inverted 3D text on the opposite wall which creates a perfect backdrop for today's selfie generation.