• Client:Private
  • Location:Mumbai
  • Area:Mumbai west
  • Delivery:DESIGN + BUILD
  • Design Team:Prashant + Anu + Nirali
  • Photographer:Yadnesh Joshi
  • Photoshoot Styling:Zainab + Prerna

An exploration of Japandi blending Zen Minimalism with Scandinavian Design Sensibilities in this simple balcony clad Two bedroom apartment.

The Living room welcomes you with a Mosaic Terazzo Flooring with high skirting visually leading you to the gorgeous balcony view. The columns are exposed and further polished to highlight the material - bringing out its natural texture. The dining area is cladded with panelling in the ceiling and a wall concealing the powder room. The powder room leaves you speechless the moment you enter with all black surfaces and a dimly-lit hanging light that illuminates the quote etched onto the large mirror which expands the small space; giving immense depth to a limited space. 

The balcony engages with an exposed column superimposed with a rustic chandelier and hand-plastered walls painted brown to cut down the south glare. The overgrown frangipani tree in the balcony adds to the outdoor vibe of the space. A daybed on one side makes a perfect spot for casual reading, while the hammock swing makes for a relaxed lazy nook next to the foldable outdoor chairs.

The Kitchen is mostly a visually open with arches separating the utility space from the main kitchen. The storage free walls enlarge and make the space pleasant to see, while providing much-needed room to work in.  The utility space hosts essential activities like washing, ironing and  houses kitchen plants, perfectly optimising the ample daylight it receives.

The son's bedroom is casual space anchored by a black a white pinstriped floor. The sleeping area has stacked mattresses that provide space and when needed - allows instant bedding for fun sleepover nights. The wooden blinds filter and juxtapose it against the pinstriped floor, beautifully suiting the varying needs of the space during different times of the day. 

The Master bedroom experiments with wooden inserts in kadappah flooring leading you to a flat low bed making the cozy room look spacious. The attached balcony is the perfect spot to relax in, comfortably ensconced in the retro folding ‘araam khursi’ gazing into the open sky. 

The master bathroom fearlessly experiments with kadappah flooring and golden porto Italian marble. The custom-built stone basin counter makes the counter spacious and functional.