Content Living

Content Living


The moment you walk out of the elevator lobby, you are welcomed with this contemporary entrance door finished in wood well complimented by a backpainted glass panel inset, holding the nameplate. The door sways open and you are stunned with an reflection of backlit wooden carved grills in a custom made brown mirror. The wooden paneling with inset grooves conceal the kitchen door which happens to be on the right hand side of the entrance. The five wooden carved backlit grills guide you to the living space, where you are welcomed with a dining table having a backdrop of a Buddha statue and reflecting brown mirror. This visual is well complimented with a cosy sofa seating and a suspended C shaped profile seating.

The study room hosts a huge library articulated with open and closed niches with an carved out niche for small workdesk. The Guest bedroom, neatly and efficiently takes care of the storage and utility needs. The mirrors above the side table add an element of depth to the space. The Master Bedroom impresses with a full height designer mirror which doubles the entire volume. The wardrobe hosts self lit openable doors and neat stackable spaces. The TV unit hosts a shelves and a smart seating puffies which conceals itself.